The Missing II

8 x 60
Harry Williams & Jack Williams
Ben Chanan
Julian Stevens
Executive Producers

Willow Grylls

Charlie Pattinson

Harry Williams

Jack Williams

Elaine Pyke

Jan Vrints

Colin Callender

Stephen Wright for BBC


Tchéky Karyo, David Morrissey, Keeley Hawes, Abigail Hardingham, Jake Davies, Laura Fraser, Roger Allam

THE MISSING II follows a young British girl who reappears 11 years after being reported missing, but why and where has she been? Her case is linked to the disappearance of a young French girl and Julian Baptiste returns once again to investigate.

The second series of THE MISSING II is another eight-part series is set over multiple time lines in Germany, France and Iraq.

The second series focuses on the disappearance of two girls, Alice Webster and Sophie Giroux. Alice disappeared in 2003 whilst living with her family on a British Army base in Germany. Sophie is a young French girl who disappeared shortly before Alice in a seemingly unrelated incident.

When Alice Webster reappears in 2014, Julien Baptiste, the retired French detective, is suspicious. Baptiste was involved in the original search for Sophie Giroux and is drawn to inconsistencies with Alice’s story, travelling from France to Germany and Iraq in search of an answer.

“This is elegant, bleak television, redolent of peak Scandi-noir thrillers like The Killing and The Bridge. It might not have been pleasant to uncover this frozen world... but it has been gripping from the start.”
Rebecca Nicholson (Guardian)
“The Missing” is a studious drama of humanity, and while there are complexities worth admiring within many of the other players, the detective proves most engrossing because he’s the only one who chooses to take part in this story”
’The Missing’ is harrowing, absorbing, and difficult to stop watching; in its multifaceted storytelling about one toxic case in a small town, it offers a wide-ranging, intimate, and mercilessly honest view of human tragedy.”
“Series two's opening episode, featuring a brand new story and a new missing child / children, hits all the right notes, with heaps of intrigue and a mightily impressive new cast.”
Digital Spy