The Long Shadow

George Kay
Lewis Arnold

Sarah Lewis (Series Producer)

Matt Sandford (Producer)

Executive Producers

Willow Grylls

Elaine Pyke

George Kay

Lewis Arnold


Katherine Kelly, Daniel Mays, Toby Jones, David Morrissey, Jill Hafpenny, Lee Ingleby, Jasmine Lee-Jones, Molly Wright, Daisy Waterstone, Alexa Davies, Stephen Tompkinson, Michael McElhatton, Steven Waddington, Liz White, Sorca Groundsell, Ruth Madeley, Robert James-Collier, Natalie Gavin, Cara Theobald, Clare Burt, Jonathan Coy, Sophie Hopkins, Charlee Webb, Chloe Harris, Vicky Myers, Kris Hitchen, Jack Deam

Shortlisted for C21 English Language Drama Series

THE LONG SHADOW is a true crime drama about the crimes of Peter Sutcliffe, focussing on the lives of his victims, their loved ones and those officers at the centre of the troubled five-year police investigation.

Between 1975 and 1980, thirteen young women were murdered in the north of England, and many more were left with life-changing injuries by a man who came to be called ‘The Yorkshire Ripper’. The fact that a number of his victims were sex workers was amplified in the police and press, leading to the outrageously misogynist distinction between those victims deemed ‘innocent’ and other women who seemingly knew the dangers they were getting into. Despite the tireless and sincere efforts of many in the police inquiry, it was thwarted by gender and racial prejudices, a too rigid hierarchy, and the technical challenges of conducting such a large investigation and the shockwaves were felt for years. 

Based, in part, on Michael Bilton’s book WICKED BEYOND BELIEF, and drawing on archival research as well as conversations with people who lived through the period, THE LONG SHADOW is a state of the nation drama as well as a tribute to the many people whose lives have been affected by these crimes, and who still live in their shadow.

“Might be the best drama of 2023”
The i
“A shattering serial killer drama that breaks all the rules “
The Guardian
“The show is gripping from start to finish, more than earning its seven hour run-time by packing the episodes with detail. This is evidently extremely thoroughly researched, making the drama as informative as it is emotional.”
Radio Times
“Superior true crime that focuses on the Yorkshire Ripper's victims”
The Telegraph