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Sam Miller

Hans Herbots

Chris Clough
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Willow Grylls

Charlie Pattinson

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Christopher Aird

Sam Miller

Harry Williams

Jack Williams


Richard Dormer, Jodi Balfour, Paterson Joseph, Paul Rhys, Michael Shaeffer, Rosalind Eleazar, Georgina Rich, Lark Winther, Shannon Tarbet, Ray Stevenson

Irish Film and Television Awards (Nominated) – Best Actor in a Lead Role (Richard Dormer)

RELLIK is created and written by Jack and Harry Williams.

What makes a serial killer? Or the cop who is compelled to relentlessly track him down? What are the events that form a person into the human being they will become – killer or cop? 

RELLIK is a crime thriller, with an inbuilt structural conceit that turns the serial killer story on its head. We start with a murder before spooling backwards in time to explore how and why it all happened. As well as a thrilling chase to catch a brutal murderer, RELLIK explores the very nature of motivation and how our pasts make us who we are.

“Serial killer thriller Rellik (BBC One) – try reading the title in reverse – made a bid to breathe new life into the overpopulated cop genre by telling its crime story back to front”
“The opening five minutes were mesmerising….Rellik deceivers to win the ratings race.”
The Times
“As with The Missing, this is plotted so tightly that there is little room to breathe, and it hints at bigger conspiracies.”
The Guardian