Dalgliesh III

Channel 5
6 x 60'

Helen Edmundson, Colette Kane, Kam Odedra, based on the books by PD James

Bertie Carvel, Geoffrey Sax, Roger Goldby

Leon McGeown-Fee

Executive Producers

Elaine Pyke, Willow Grylls, Helen Edmundson, Bertie Carvel, Catherine Mackin (for Acorn Media), Sebastian Cardwell (for Channel 5)

Bertie Carvel, Carlyss Peer, Alistair Brammer, Sam Swainsbury

In the third series of our returning crime drama for Channel 5 and Acorn, we meet Commander Dalgliesh on the cusp of Thatcher’s rise to power, as he is called to investigate three highly sensitive murder cases.

In Episodes 1 & 2 (Death In Holy Orders) Dalgliesh travels to a remote seminary overlooking a windswept lake, where a body has been found gruesomely murdered. Nearly everyone in the seminary has reason to resent the victim, and Dalgliesh and DS Tarrant must unpick a complicated set of motives to find their killer.


In Episodes 3 & 4 (Cover Her Face), Dalgliesh investigates a murder in the Essex home of the Mehtas, a staggeringly wealthy family with connections to the British government. With the help of local detective Clive Roscoe, Dalgliesh builds a picture of events in the weeks leading to the crime, confronting a blanket of secrecy among his guarded suspects.


In Episodes 5 & 6 (Devices and Desires), Dalgliesh is sent on an urgent mission to investigate a terrorist plot against a nuclear power station on the Kent coast. He is soon drawn into a complex and highly charged hunt for a serial killer, working once more alongside former colleague Kate Miskin, now an acting DCI.


Dalgliesh is a New Pictures production for Acorn and Channel 5 in association with All3Media International.


Made on location in Northern Ireland with funding from Northern Ireland Screen. 

Set to be released in 2024.