Ben Richards

Hans Herbots

Al Mackay

Joe Donaldson
Executive Producers

Ben Richards

Charlie Pattinson

Willow Grylls

Elaine Pyke

Nicola Larder

Johnathan Young

Gabriel Silver (for Sky)


Robert Carlyle, Victoria Hamilton, Richard Dorner, David Haig, Lucy Cohu, Edward Bennett, Marsha Thomason, Lisa Palfrey

COBRA is a political drama set in the heart of government during a crisis that threatens to engulf the entire nation.

In times of national emergency, a team comprised of Britain’s leading experts, crisis contingency planners and the most senior politicians assemble under the name ‘COBRA’ with the aim to coordinate the government response. In those meetings we’ll see how a government works under extreme pressure to make difficult decisions quickly and watch as the consequences play out on the ground in the worst hit parts of the country and in the iconic boardroom in the heart of Whitehall.

"What starts as knockabout action, with shades of every impending natural cataclysm movie ever, morphs quickly into a moreish exploration of low politics and high ambition, with subtle and timely nods to that squalid belt where extreme left and right meet."
The Guardian
"The whole series has got a real The Day After Tomorrow vibe to it as everyday life is suddenly disrupted and society begins to fray at the edges. We're also treated to some brilliant performances from Robert Carlyle and Richard Dormer and particularly Victoria Hamilton, who is just a force of nature"
Radio Times