COBRA: Cyberwar

Sky Max
6 x 60

Ben Richards

Toby Finlay


Al Mackay

Mo Ali

Sallie Aprahamian

Joe Donaldson
Executive Producers

Charlie Pattinson

Ben Richards

Willow Grylls

Elaine Pyke

Nicola Larder

Jonathan Young

Gabriel Silver (for Sky)


Robert Carlyle, Victoria Hamilton, David Haig, Richard Dormer, Marsha Thomason, Richard Pepple, Lisa Palfrey, Andrew Buchan, Karan Gill, Lucy Cohu, Alexa Davies

COBRA CYBERWAR is the second instalment of the political thriller. In this series we find a Britain in trouble. Following years of political instability and a fractured relationship with the world’s superpowers, this is a nation and a government on the back foot, and one we now see struck by a major disaster without simple solutions.

As the government scramble to combat a new, invisible threat they are forced to question everything they thought they knew about our relationship with the rest of the world. New allegiances are formed, new enemies discovered, and every piece of willpower, nerve and courage will be required to face this new and overwhelming foe. Exploring themes of authenticity versus deception, control versus liberty and the value of the truth when all else has been lost, COBRA: CYBERWAR is a thrilling series which asks what you would be willing to sacrifice for the survival of your country.