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Candice Carty-Williams

Bryan Elsley

Charlie Pattinson

Dave Evans

Willow Grylls

Imogen O'Sullivan

Danielle Scott-Haughton

Jo McClellan (BBC)


Déja J. Bowens, Malcolm Kamulete, Nadine Marshall, Ray Fearon, Ray BLK, Karl Collins, Rachel Adedeji, Kerim Hassan

CHAMPION is the first TV project from Candice Carty-Williams, acclaimed author of The Sunday Times bestselling novels Queenie and People Person.

Rap sensation Bosco Champion is home from prison, and ready to dominate the music industry once more. But when his dutiful younger sister Vita’s own talent is discovered by Bosco’s rival, she steps out of her brother's shadow to become a performer in her own right, setting the Champion siblings against one another and tearing apart the whole family in the process.

A love letter to Black British music set in south London, Champion is a celebration of a sound that has long been the beating heart of our culture. Featuring original music written and produced by some of the leading musicians this country has to offer including Ray BLK, Ghetts and more.

Sibling rivalry never sounded so epic. 

CHAMPION is a co-production between Balloon Networks and New Pictures. 

“Candice Carty-Williams's confident rap drama is full of certified bangers.”
The Guardian
“A musical drama that blends relatable themes and a slew of impressive original songs.”
Radio Times
“Candice Carty-Williams’ new series is a love letter to South London rap, and to family, however tough the love may be”
Evening Standard
“This excellent eight-part drama from novelist Candice Carty-Williams, author of hugely successful 2019 book Queenie, tells a story for sibling rivalry wrapped up withing the machinations of the music industry.”
The Yorkshire Post
“Champion is a timeless, universal story of sibling rivalry set in the contemporary British music scene.”
Financial Times