7 Dec 2023

GQ: Malcolm Kamulete’s second verse

After a breakout role in Top Boy, Malcolm Kamulete spent several years off the radar. In Champion, the actor makes a very noisy return.

The show is a searing return to form for Kamulete, who plays Bosco Champion, a fledgling rapper recently released from prison. Suffering from panick attacks and threatened by his sister’s emerging music career, Bosco is pugnacious and often insolent – but redeemed by his drive to succeed.

The series offered Kamulete the opportunity to tap into another of his passions. “I’ve always made music and I’ve never had to show that in an actor’s space before,” Kamulete says. He was asked to perform an original rap as part of the audition process. “I sent two.” Bosco’s on-screen sound was shaped by a roster of musical talent, including Kamulete’s co-star Ray BLK, R&B singer Shola Ama and grime pioneer Ghetts.

Photo Credit: GQ Magazine

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