The Missing
The Missing

Series 1

Set in France and the UK over two time frames 8 years apart, The Missing is a gripping thriller about a missing boy, his parents and a community of characters all touched by the events surrounding his disappearance.

Written and created by Harry and Jack Williams, starring James Nesbitt, Frances O’Connor, Tchéky Karyo and Ken Stott, The Missing is an eight-part series produced for BBC One and Starz about the search for a young boy who goes missing during a family holiday to Northern France.

The story focuses on Tony Hughes, his wife Emily and their 5 year old son Oliver. Whilst staying in the town of Chalon du Bois during the 2006 FIFA World Cup Finals, father and son, Tony and Oliver, visit a crowded outdoor bar showing a live world cup game. France score and the local fans celebrate, but amidst the celebrations Tony loses sight of his son. The search for Oliver begins.

Eight years later and Oliver is still missing. Tony and Emily are now divorced and the local Police have long since closed their investigation. Through his determination and a refusal to give up hope, Tony uncovers new evidence and enlists the help of Julien Baptiste, a retired French detective who led the original investigation into Oliver’s disappearance. Tony and Baptiste work together and eventually persuade the local Police to officially reopen the case. From there the story unfolds.

Starring: James Nesbitt, Frances O’Connor, Tchéky Karyo, Ken Stott, Jason Flemyng, Arsher Ali, Émilie Dequenne, Said Taïgmaoui, Anastasia Hille, Anamaria Marinca, Eric Godon and Titus De Voogdt.

Created and written by Harry Williams & Jack Williams
Directed by Tom Shankland

A New Pictures & Company Pictures production in association with Two Brothers Pictures & Playground Entertainment for the BBC and Starz. International sales All3Media International.

Co-produced with BNP Paribas Fortis Film Fund and Czar TV Productions Filmed with the support of the Belgium Federal Government’s Tax Shelter scheme for VRT

The Missing was critically acclaimed and received multiple award nominations including Golden Globe© and BAFTA nominations.

The best drama on BBC One for a long time” The Times

Hauntingly brilliant television” The Guardian

The most absorbing drama currently on television” Radio Times

Series 2

Germany 2014, a young British girl reappears 11 years after being reported missing, but why and where has she been? Her case is linked to the disappearance of a young French girl and Julian Baptiste returns once again to investigate.

Written by Harry and Jack Williams, starring David Morrisey, Keely Hawes and Tchéky Karyo, the second series of The Missing is another eight-part series produced for BBC One and Starz set over multiple time lines in Germany, France and Iraq.

The second series focuses on the disappearance of two girls, Alice Webster and Sophie Giroux. Alice disappeared in 2003 whilst living with her family on a British Army base in Germany. Sophie is a young French girl who disappeared shortly before Alice in a seemingly unrelated incident.

When Alice Webster reappears in 2014, Julian Baptiste, the retired French Detective, is suspicious. Baptiste was involved in the original search for Sophie Giroux and is drawn to inconsistencies with Alice’s story, travelling from France to Germany and Iraq in search of an answer.

Starring: Tcheky Karyo, David Morrissey, Keeley Hawes, Abigail Hardingham, Laura Fraser, Roger Allam and Derek Riddell.

Created and written by Harry Williams & Jack Williams
Directed by Ben Chanan